Pediatric Neuropsychology, Family, Adolescent
and Child Therapy


I have specialized in understanding the interplay between neurocognitive, behavioral, emotional and social features in children and adolescents. I draw from theories of neuropsychology, family systems, and normal socio-emotional development, and my private practice centers on diagnostic assessment of individuals attending school, and child, adolescent, family and marital therapy.

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I provide a range of services, all centering around children and adolescents, their development, identifying their needs, and formulating/executing treatment. I complete integrated neuropsychological evaluations that include parent and child interviews, administration of the measures, and feedback to the parents first, and later the child if valuable.

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I enjoy teaching, in a one-to-one format supervising evaluations and therapy, in small group format, and also as talks to larger groups. My talks often take the form of presentations to national, regional or local groups when I send in a proposal that is selected by peer review. At other times, I receive particular invitations, sometimes from schools, other times from organizations.

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